Bridal Wave

Kind of like a natural disaster, ‘getting married’ was always something that happened to other people. Now here I am with thirty weeks and three days to go. I should be planning, organising, inviting, booking and budgeting.  Instead all I can do is sit here and wonder: “How did I get here? Are you sure? Is there a mistake?”

Still perplexed by the notion that someone loves me enough to want to marry me, I can’t quite get my act together.  You know when you wake up hung-to-the-over after a massive night (I promise I am a grown up) and you just faff, unable to produce any effective action.  You’re late for work, you need to shower, you need to dress, you need to let work know you are running late…again. Yet you are rooted to the ground unable to prioritise thoughts or actions. So you stay trapped in the Faff-Vortex:

Stay still
No! Move!
Tidy room
No, don’t be ridiculous! Get dressed!
Can’t get dressed

So, essentially, that is where my wedding planning currently stands. Not in the newly engaged, fairytale, vintage bliss of bridal magazines. But, rather, it is rooted firmly in the Faff-Vortex:

Book venue
No, buy invites
Read magazines
No! Book venue
Oooh! Look! Sparkles….

So, I have come up with an ingenious solution to my lack of focus. This.

I will write a blog. And in this blog I will hold myself accountable like a good grown-up bride. I will set myself tasks and share my successes on here. I will reach out to fellow brides and form a support network to reinforce my newly found focus.  And I will not, under any circumstances, use this blog as a distraction from my planning activities.

I will not use this blog as a distraction,
I will not use this blog as a distraction,
I will not use this blog as a distraction,
I will not use this blog as a distraction,
I will not use this blog as a distraction.


4 thoughts on “Bridal Wave

  1. Hmmm may I suggest a wedding planner? They may well be an alka seltzer for your hung-to-the over? Regardless, I have a feeling I’m going to L-to-the-OVE this blog! Good luck and if I can be of assistance, please do ask. (I’m not actually a wedding planer by the way, just experienced in the field of ceremony, marriage and bliss)

    • Hi Diane, thanks so much for the advice and kind words. I have considered getting a planner. Instead I have decided that I am going to try to relax into the process, enjoy it and see how far I get!! I am going to *try* at least. Its overwhelming and exciting in equal measure but its encouraging to hear the stories of brides that made it to the other side in tact..:-)

  2. Came across your blog via your twitter follow. I know it all seems daunting but you needn’t feel alone .. There is plenty of help out there. I run A photography co with my husband if you would like any help or advice photography related or otherwise just ask. Good luck and enjoy x

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